Menino, Street Harrassment


Once Mayor Tom Menino of Boston came to speak at my high school.  He was a terrible speaker, had a bad speech impediment.  He said that when he was a kid he told his teacher, a nun, that he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up, so he could build bridges.  The nun told him he wasn’t smart enough to be an engineer.  So, he said, he became the mayor to build bridges between communities.

(photo by Jim Rogash, Getty Images, swiped from here)

2) This video is all over my Facebook.  I have a tale of New York City street harassment.

One day in 2009 I was walking around looking for apartments with a real estate broker.  The broker was an extremely attractive woman, the girlfriend of a friend.  It was a really hot day, she was wearing like a bare-armed shirt thing under a jacket and she took the jacket off.

The catcalls and stuff yelled at her was INSANE.  Like, at least ten dudes said something, most of it muttered after she walked past.

Now, being a self-absorbed dude, my reaction to this was fascination but also like “am I supposed to do something about this?”  Like, “I’m walking with this woman, and presumably it could be my girlfriend or my sister or something, am I supposed to like beat up all these dudes? Because that would take a long time and also would by no means be a guaranteed victory.”  She rolled with it as though it was no more significant than the squawk of pigeons but man.

Anyway, now I have successfully made this story about me.

Contra Joyce Carol Oates:

this was in Union Square and literally Washington Square Park and the heart of the West Village, also mostly white dudes.

I defer to Mero on this one:


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