Photos from the Shackleton expedition


Man.  These are all pretty great.  HT Jon Lee Anderson’s Twitter feed.

That is, apparently, Hubert Hudson.  From here, I hope John F. Mann doesn’t mind:

It is believed that the nickname “Buddha” was earned by him after Hurley tricked him into thinking that a fancy dress evening was being held during their stay at South Georgia. Hudson turned up dressed as a Buddhist monk!

Hudson had a particularly bad time during the voyage to Elephant Island and spent most of his time on the island, like Blackborow, confined to the hut where he coped as best he could with a nervous breakdown and a festering boil on his rear!

During World War 1 Hudson served on “mystery ships”. After the war he joined the British India Navigation Society. His health began to fail him once more, but did not stop him from performing his duty and during World War II he was a Commodore in the Royal Naval Reserve working mainly on convoy duty.

Hudson died at sea. His ship H.M.S. Eaglet was returning home in a convoy from Gibraltar, when at 4 a.m. on 15th June.1942 she was torpedoed and sank. Hudson went down with his ship. He was aged 55.



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