That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

is it time

for this Everly Brothers classic to be repurposed as a gay anthem?

Would they like each other?

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Before you say look at this fucking hipster re: Saki, remember that he was a lance sergeant in the Royal Fusiliers.  Last words before he was killed by a sniper?:

Put that bloody cigarette out!

There is no grave for him, just the Thiepval monument, he is literally one of the missing of the Somme:


Shoutout to Stephen King’s 11/22/63

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which sent me to Saki’s “The Open Window.”

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King is such a boss.  First line of his about the author:

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Frank Gehry, William Pereira and SoCal architecture


Is this a good building?

Is Frank Gehry, who designed it, a good architect?

How would we answer that?

What is good or bad architecture, really?

INTO this NY Review of Books piece by Ingrid Rowland which explores these questions.

gehry bilbao, credited to flickr user Iker Merodio

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Whoa.  FullSizeRender (30)

I can only find one of those three “exquisite little paintings” on the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum’s very decent website.  The Annunciation:

el greco annunci

El Greco was rad, my goodness.  FullSizeRender (31)


Here, Rowland talks about Gehry’s house in Santa Monica:

FullSizeRender (32)Let’s have a look, photo from Google Street View:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.47.26 PM

Maybe the most eye-opening part of this piece to me though was Rowland talking about earlier SoCal architect and Gehry mentor William Pereira.  This guy designed so many buildings that I see every day!  5900 Wilshire

5900 Wilshire, for example.

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Pereira’s Oscar was for Reap The Wild Wind:

Did he design boats or something?  The history of Irvine is topic for another day, but here’s some of Pereira’s work on the UC campus there:

murray krieger hall

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The Theme Building of LAXtheme

(Wikipedia doles out the credit a bit more generously:

It was designed by a team of architects and engineers headed by William Pereira and Charles Luckman, that also included Paul Williams and Welton Becket. The initial design of the building was created by James Langenheim, of Pereira & Luckman.

Luckman was no slouch himself, he went on to do Boston’s Prudential Tower:



Wikipedia asks me to credit user RhythmicQuietude with the photo

Luckman did the Forum here in LA as well:


A modest sentence from his Wiki:

Then in 1947, President Truman asked him to help feed starving Europe.

Here’s Pereira’s ziggurat for the Chet Holifield Federal Building:

chet holifield

which is of course modeled on Chet Holifield’s head:

chet holifield

More Pereira from UC Irvine:

library at uc irvine

The Disneyland Hotel:

CBS TV City:


dope tumblr Jet Set Modernist has some good classic pics of CBS TV City in all its Mad Men era glory.

Not sure which of these buildings in Newport Beach Pereira did, but they all have a style we might call Pereiraesque:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.04.09 PM

Wiki asks for attribution to user: WPPilot

More more! :

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Here’s the Assyrian-revival tire factory turned Outlets:

And the Patriotic Hall I always wonder about when I see it south of the 10:

Bob Hope Patriotic Hall

You can see Frank Gehry in the first few minutes of Kate Berlant’s episode of The Characters:



Merrick Garland

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.45.07 PM

from The New Yorker:

Kagan, when she was the dean of Harvard Law School, said this about that shift, when introducing remarks he gave at the school in 2001: “Merrick made one of the coolest and gutsiest career moves I’ve ever heard of: giving up his highly lucrative and prestigious partnership in A&P to become an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the not-so-wealthy and, quite frankly, not-so-prestigious Washington, D.C., office.”

(a service I want to provide here when possible is pulling out the most interesting parts of articles you may be too busy to read)


Che’s daughter


from this interesting 2010 article in The Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg about a visit to Cuba, we learn what Che Guevara’s daughter is up to:

che daughter

Well now I’m wondering

Downton abbey

from The Washington Post, Hillary Clinton and Chris Matthews “caught” on mic during a commercial break:

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Atypical cinematic take on Boston

The other day I was home sick from work, and Field of Dreams was on TV.  Readers will recall Ray Kinsella goes to Boston to track down Terence Mann.  What a specific take on Boston!  No one is Irish or has much of an accent, and the biggest Red Sox fan is a black guy.  Kudos to director Phil Alden Robinson for taking things deeper.