Understanding politics


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The American people were so disgusted with the political process that they vomited up Trump.  That’s why he’s orange.  He’s barf.

that from the incomparable Dan Greaney:

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(here’s how he got mixed up in it)

If the political work degrades in a dysfunctional joke, soon enough people demand it at least be an entertaining dysfunctional joke.

A reaction to finding a disgusting process may be to make it more disgusting, visually , so that at least there is no trick or lie . The process will then be honest about its true repulsive character.

those both from Björn Skövde’s post about “Understanding Berlusconi and the European Future” (“Förstå Berlusconi och europeisk framtid“) published on Folket i Bild online, April 2009.  Translated it myself using Google so may be a little wonky.

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Grey old scolds from Vermont can generate excitement with the young, who yearn so for wisdom that they find it in every crusted Yankee pronouncement.

from reporter/novelist Vivien Kent’s sassy 1964 Life mag piece on:

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which is unforch not online.