Don’t forget that the ocean is full of monsters


That guy is an ocean sunfish, photographed by the blogger off Great Point, Nantucket.  I was hunting for these guys:


That is a little tunny.  Cap’n didn’t think we’d enjoy eating it because “it has too much blood in its body.”  (? pseudosciene?  I dunno, look at my pants).  Wikipedia counters:

There are many ways to eat the Little Tunny, such as Tuna Salad. To do this, the fillets are first baked, then chilled and flaked, then mixed in with the salad. Removing the dark strips of meats that extend the length of each fillet helps to reduce the naturally fishy flavor.  Another way to prepare the Little Tunny is first to bleed it, barbecue it in foil, remove the meat from the bone, and then let it chill overnight. Various seasonings can be used to enhance the flavor. Fresh steaks can be quite good if seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon, and thinly sliced tunny makes good sashimi. It is commonly eaten as such in Japan.

Anyway, this guy lived to fight another day.

Here is another picture of an ocean sunfish, caught off Catalina Island right here in California by the famed big game hunter of East Africa, W. N. McMillan.  Photo is courtesy the Library of Congress.  Want to go see that photo in person?  You can’t because of the shutdown!

Curious about the character on the bottom right of the photograph.  A child or a little adult?

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