Hello!  Here is my biography:

Steve Hely is an American writer and television writer.  His novel How I Became A Famous Novelist won the 2010 James Thurber Prize for American Humor.  He’s the co-author of the comic travelogue The Ridiculous Race, and co-host of the podcast The Great Debates.  He’s written for such TV shows as The Late Show with David Letterman, The Office, 30 Rock, Veep, and American Dad.

Here are my books for sale on Amazon.  And here they are on Indiebound.

You can correspond with me at helphely@gmail.com

helytimes on Twitter and Instagram.

15 Comments on “About”

  1. Russ says:

    On page 290 of The Wonder Trail you mention “one of the best travel books of all time” regarding Patagonia. What is the title and author of that book?
    P.S. I am really enjoying your book!

  2. […] essay scripts for TV shows such as American Dad!, The Office, or Late Show with David Letterman, Steve Hely likes to spin a bottle on a map and have it indicate him in a instruction of somewhere he has never […]

  3. Linda Bain says:

    Hey Steve, I really enjoyed your book, “The Wonder Trail.” I checked it out at the library. It was like I took the trip with you, with your interesting stories, and interesting people. I looked up many places on line as I read the book. Now I have to return the book full of dog ears!

  4. Virginia Pelletier says:

    Hi, Steve! I bought your audio book, The Wonder Trail, from Audible and I really loved it! Up until now, my favorite book by my favorite travel writer has been The Great Patagonian Express ( Paul Theroux). After reafing your book, I may have to revise the ranking……. Thank you for writing about your wonderful adventures. I also really appreciate the historical perspective you include for each country. Very helpful.
    You mentioned sending a free PDF book, which I hope you will do.
    Oh, and thanks for mentioning In Patagonia. I’m ordering it now……..

  5. Jeff Krug says:


    First the bad news: Found The Wonder Trail at the Dollar Store. The Good News: I liked the book.

    It was very entertaining, enlightening and had cool stuff in it..

    Thanks for a fun read.

  6. Dr Leslie R Penley DDS says:

    Am very much enjoying your book “How I Became a Famous Novelist.” It is so funny and insightful and you really nailed my hometown of El Paso. Thanks for a fun read.

  7. robert j gitter says:

    just finished the wonder trail-fantastic-could not put it down-keep it up SIR STEVE- would love to read a trip to canada! would love a copy-thanks- bob gitter

  8. David Hidalgo says:

    Just finished listening and enjoying your audio book, Wonder Trail. Realized how different we filter listening to a story told to us compared to reading the written word, especially a travel book.

    At the very end of Wonder Trail, you mentioned a free e-book. When you get around to it, I’d appreciate receiving it.

    Thank you
    David Hidalgo
    Bear Valley Springs, Ca

  9. Sheila says:

    How I became A Famous Novelist is one of my favourite books, have read it about 10 times

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