Lost Horizons is the second studio album from the British electronic duo Lemon Jelly, released on 7 October 2002. Released by XL Recordings and produced by Nick Franglen, the album generated two charting singles in the UK, “Space Walk” and “Nice Weather for Ducks”; the latter has often been called the album’s stand-out track. The album, which is built around a mix of organic instrumentation and idiosyncratic samples, was met with largely positive reviews by music critics, although it was somewhat criticised due to its near-constant mellowness.

Alien Space Helmet Discovered in Joshua Tree National Park!

Theories that aliens of about two feet in height have visited Earth in spacecrafts have long been considered serious, but now at last there is proof.

Helmet experts were reluctant to say much about what materials the helmet is made of or where it came from, beyond confirming that it is an alien space helmet.  

Whether the helmet is ancient or recent is unknown at this time, and specialists discourage speculation until we gather more evidence.  For now we can only say it is a space alien helmet.