“In America and Europe, working people are reasserting their right to control their own destinies,” Bannon wrote. “Jeff Sessions has been at the forefront of this movement for years, developing populist nation-state policies that are supported by the vast and overwhelming majority of Americans, but are poorly understood by cosmopolitan elites in the media that live in a handful of our larger cities.”

source: The Washington Post.  Bannon wrote this in an email to The Washington Post, he is trolling the Washington Post.  Maybe best reaction to a troll is ignore it, but the classic schoolyard retort “takes one to know one” might be valid here.

Bannon: a Georgetown and Harvard Business School graduate turned Goldman Sachs banker and Hollywood producer.

In the late 1980s, he and some Goldman colleagues broke off and formed their own investment bank, Bannon & Co., housed in an office on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Trump: a Wharton graduate television host from New York City





from, a shoddy website

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The challenge:arabic-1

How to react:

Bloggers = B Players?


Working my noggin on this quote from Justin Peters’ review of Thomas Friedman’s book over at Slate:

A very perceptive barfly once explained it to me like this. In the corporate world, you’ve got A players, B players, and C players stacked top to bottom like a pyramid. There’s this documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi, about a perfectionist Japanese sushi chef. When an A player sees that movie, the barfly explained, she will come to work the next day determined to work harder and smarter than ever before. A B player will spend the next day raving about the movie to anyone who’ll listen; maybe she’ll write a review for her blog. A C player sees Jiro Dreams of Sushi and comes to work the next day inspired to order Japanese food for lunch.

Tom Friedman is a B player interpreting A players for the benefit of C players, and there are lots of C players, and maybe it’s that simple. But both B players and C players habitually miss the point—and, in the end, so does Thank You for Being Late

Let’s consider this:

  • this sentence occurs in a review on what is essentially a blog, so is Justin Peters self-identifying as a B player?
  • quoting a “very perceptive barfly” is a very Thomas Friedmany kind of thing to do.  Is that the joke/point Justin Peters is making?
  • are we really calling Thomas Friedman a B player?  The dude is the dominant NY Times columnist, consistently crushing it with bestselling books.

The bloggers I enjoy are all A players, I would say.

Sensitive to the fact that the word “blog” has come to connote “loserish.”  Have been struck by the fact that Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, who are today writing the President’s executive orders, are, essentially, bloggers.

Breitbart News Daily Stephen K. Bannon interviews Stephen Miller for SiriusXM Broadcasts' New Hampshire Primary Coverage Live From Iconic Red Arrow Diner on Feb. 8 in Manchester, New Hampshire. | Getty

Breitbart News Daily Stephen K. Bannon interviews Stephen Miller for SiriusXM Broadcasts’ New Hampshire Primary Coverage Live From Iconic Red Arrow Diner on Feb. 8 in Manchester, New Hampshire. | Getty.  Source.

Consider this Politico profile of Stephen Miller by Julia Ioffe.  At Duke:

But mostly he used the column as a lightning rod, a way to court angry reaction and put himself at the center of major campus controversies. He wrote that interacting with the population outside the campus was overrated. “Durham isn’t a petting zoo,” he chided. “The residents won’t get lonely or irritable if we don’t play with them.” He was a strong supporter of the war in Iraq and called Ted Kennedy a “traitor” for criticizing American use of torture.

Miller invited another media figure, David Horowitz, to Duke, and that led him to Jeff Sessions:

The name he made for himself in fighting the university establishment, through his column and in inviting Horowitz to speak, would later reap benefits. It was Horowitz who, in 2009, would recommend Miller to his old friend, Jeff Sessions.

President DT himself would not be president if his Twitter micro-blog were not so stimulating and provocative. The Trump movement comes out of provocative media networks.  How on Earth is the left losing that battle?

Wonder if — hear me out — an effective force for anti-Trumpism and resistance could be mini-networks, newspapers, arguments, alternatives, ideas, forums for strong takes.  Reach people and really change their minds, is the idea.

Write to me, lemme know what you think!


Snapshot of Tim Ferriss’s twitter


If you seem like a parody of yourself, you’re doing something right.

Cool shoutout to Great Debates in Tools Of Titans — we gotta get this dude on the podcast.



Fascinating story over at the LA Times, turns out the answer is it rained a lot.

(Damn, between here and Twitter I am just being a snarky lil bitch lately.  I blame Trump of course.  But I gotta watch myself, work on uplifting rather than degrading discourse)

All this rain in SoCal is a good reminder of what a huge problem flooding is here.  Somewhere in an old book I remember a scholar huffily declaring that LA is not in fact a desert, it’s an “arid floodplain.”  The devastating flood of 1938 killed something like 115 people.


Los Angeles River – flood of 1938 aerial view above Victory Blvd. Los Angeles River. View upstream from above Victory Blvd. showing breaches in paved levees in and below a sharp curve in channel alignment. River mile 32.0. This image is from the Report on Engineering Aspects, Flood of March 1938 by the U.S. Engineer Office in Los Angeles and compiled in August 1938.

Flood prevention is why the LA River is all concretey:

My eyes were opened to a lot of this by Wrenshall’s cousin DJ Waldie:

holy-land-waldie who was Deputy City Manager of Lakewood in addition to being a thoughtful and insightful writer:


I should drive out to Silver Lake and see if there’s water:

source. Photo by Wilson

source. Photo by wiki user Wilson44691 whose contributions are astounding


McConaughey Story

Study of McConaughey is always rewarding.  The best part of the above video is the first few seconds :12-:36


It’s unfortunate that used copies of I Amaze Myself!, McConaughey’s mother’s autobiography, are unreasonably priced.  I’m interested in more stories like this.