NYT article about Malia Obama’s secret trip to Bolivia:

The Bolivian media reported that President Obama called President Evo Morales to request his government’s cooperation in ensuring discretion and security for his daughter’s trip. White House officials declined to comment and would not confirm that the two leaders had spoken. Mr. Morales often rails about what he calls American conspiracies to undermine leftist governments, including his own. The two countries have not exchanged ambassadors since 2008.


La Paz photographed by Helytimes

Very cool.  This is not the vibe projected by the new president’s children:

Ms. Obama was afforded no special treatment during the arduous trek, and performed chores, including cooking, along with her fellow travelers, Mr. Mamani said.

I wonder if she picked up a preserved llama fetus?


Helytimes photo

Learn more about Bolivia and Evo Morales in this fine volume:

sent in by reader Woodrow F.

sent in by reader Woodrow F.

Buy this book on Amazon or at your local indie bookstore:

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