Will a painting by George W. Bush increase or decrease in value?

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From The Hill, 2013 re a W. Christmas ornament for sale:

The former White House resident, 67, told Jay Leno in a Tuesday “Tonight Show” appearance that he takes weekly painting lessons, telling an instructor, “There’s a Rembrandt trapped in this body — your job is to find it.”

So hard to wrap your head around that someone (most presidents?) can be simultaneously a psychopath and a goofball.

One Comment on “Will a painting by George W. Bush increase or decrease in value?”

  1. 82fourth says:

    There is no way that a painting by a 2 term president of the United States of America, arguably the leader of the world and initialiser of wars and coups globally could paint a piece of landscape of portraiture and not sell for more than it is worth as a stand alone piece.
    George W. Bush presided over the greatest tragedy in western world modern history, he made many gaffes but he was always a particular and tactile gentleman. His finger paintings are a representation of how calm he was when he decided to create a number of craters in the globe for the sake of freedom.
    His innocence, belief in truth, freedom and the American way lives behind these humble works. This is an art of the presidency preluded to a Black intelligent orator; a period I call the oPama – nature he helped to destroy, mountains he fracked, a scale of Blues and blacks the likes of which he’d never seen before 2007 Texas female rallies.
    His post Obama works have been portraiture of the prop comedians and evil faces of “comedy” that deserve contempt of their audience – a certainly placeable object over one’s television or window.

    His vote of no faith and unwavering unbelief in the latest GOP candidate caused controversy, an excellent excuse for an artist to excuse his previous reprehensible abuse of power through that medium we are all accustomed to saluting, Art.

    In closing his works can do no poorly than the works of Hitler, now valued at millions – as many will buy into the portraiture of a pre post powerful man with enemies as poor as friends who are rich. Bless this man and God bless his subjects.

    Jim -2017

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