amazing thing to put in your news article

That’s from Bloomberg, article headlined: Anxiety Over Beef Shortages Reaches Fever Pitch in Golden Corral Fistfight, and subheadlined When a fistfight broke out at the chain, initial reports attributed it to steak shortages

The gist seems to be that: there was a widely shared on social media video showing a fight at a buffet restaurant in Bensalem, PA (Bloomberg says “Bansalem”). In the video someone can be heard saying something about steaks. Tt was then incorrectly inferred by people who didn’t give enough study to the facts of the incident that the fight was about a shortage of steaks at the buffet. But if I read between the lines of the article, there may have been plenty of steaks, the fight was unrelated?

I only call attention to the weirdness of “the media” and “news” in 2022. As to the true origins of this incident, I’ll defer to Evan S. Connell’s epigraph for his Son of the Morning Star:

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