Wonderful sentence

from wikipedia’s article about British radio personality C. E. M. Joad:

He involved himself in psychical research, traveling to the Harz Mountains to help [Harry] Price to test whether the ‘Bloksberg Tryst’ would turn a male goat into a handsome prince at the behest of a maiden pure in heart (it did not)

I mean, even just this summary of Joad is pretty great:

Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad (August 12, 1891 – April 9, 1953) was an English philosopher and broadcasting personality. He is most famous for his appearance on The Brains Trust, an extremely popular BBC Radio wartime discussion programme. He managed to popularise philosophy and became a celebrity, before his downfall in the Train Ticket Scandal of 1948.

Let’s learn about Joad’s romantic life, while we’re at it:

He described sexual desire as “a buzzing bluebottle that needed to be swatted promptly before it distracted a man of intellect from higher things.” He believed that female minds lacked objectivity, and he had no interest in talking to women who would not go to bed with him. By now Joad was “short and rotund, with bright little eyes, round, rosy cheeks, and a stiff, bristly beard.” He dressed in shabby clothing as a test: if people sneered at this they were too petty to merit acquaintance.

I dunno, you tell me if you think he’s looker enough to pull that off, ladies:

Now, the sad part of the story is that I can find out nothing else about the cartoonist “Griff” who apparently drew this cartoon.  It is from Courier Magazine, Vol 5 No 1, 1945.  That’s all I got!

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