Scenes from the life of Marie Antoinette

1) An angry mob tries to show her the head of her best friend.

She’s being held captive by revolutionaries.  Outside, she hears an angry mob yelling and shouting.  She asked what it was.  Nobody would tell her.  Antonia Fraser tells us

“…the municipal officers had had the decency to close the shutters and the commissioners kept them away from the windows…

One of these officers told the King “they are trying to show you the head of Madame de Lamballe.”

Mercifully, the Queen then fainted away”.

2) She and her family try to make a run for the border, in disguise, but they are recognized by the local postmaster.

Or possibly by a tavern-keeper who recognized the king’s face from a coin.

3) Her husband is taken from her and executed.

4) Her eight year old son is taken away from her.

He was given to be raised by a cobbler.  The revolutionaries tried to trick him into accusing his mother of sexually abusing him.

5) Then at last her hair is cut off, and she’s wheeled in a cart through the streets of Paris.  When they led her up to the scaffold, she steps on the executioner’s foot by accident.  So she apologizes.  “Pardon me, sir, I did not mean to do it.”

None of these scenes (I got from a quick read of wikipedia) were in this movie:

There were some other good scenes.

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