Reading this New Yorker profile of Djokovic, which reprints his daily schedule.  I’ve decided I’m going to copy it, just replacing tennis stuff with writing:

7:30 Wake-up.  Tepid glass of water.  Stretching.  A bowl of muesli with a handful of mixed nuts, some sunflower seeds, sliced fruit, and a small scoop of coconut oil.  Chew very slowly.

8:30.  Writing.  Drink two bottles of energy drink, adding a hydration drink with electrolytes if it’s humid

10:00 Stretching.  Check color of urine.

11:00 Sports massage.

12:00  Lunch.  Gluten-free pasta with vegetables.

1:30 Writing.  Drink organic protein shake made from water mixed with pea protein.

2:30 Stretching.

3:00 Sentence practice.

4:30 Stretching

5:00 Business meetings.

7:30 Dinner.  No Alcohol.  No Dessert.  Protein. Vegetables, but not beets, potatoes, parsnips, squash or pumpkin, which are too high in carbs.

(picture found here, credit Picture: Dita Alangkara Source: AP)

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