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Alec Baldwin:  You don’t have any problems.

Jerry Seinfeld: No. I don’t. But I do relate very deeply to all of those people –

Alec Baldwin: Why? Why?

Jerry Seinfeld: – you describe. In fact, I was watching the Emmys – this is the only part of the Emmys that I like – when they do the comedy writing award and each comedy writing staff puts up funny pictures. And then when the actual staff comes up on the stage and you see these gnome-like cretins just kind of all misshapen, and I go, ‘This is me. This is who I am. That’s my group.’

(one of my absolute favorite least cretinous humans I know there third from left.  If you told him to his face he was gnome-like he would laugh heartily and recommend three fantastic indie text games featuring gnome characters, plus a 700 page self-published graphic novel from Taiwan about gnomes)

Or how about this?

Jerry Seinfeld: Jackie Mason. Alec, I was doing comedy about three weeks, three weeks, and I mean stumbling. Nobody three weeks, I’m 19 years old, 20 years old, of going up on stage. It wasn’t even a stage. There was a restaurant where they take a table out and they would take one of the lights, a lamp, and they would take the shade off, and that was the show. He was in the audience – 15 people, right? It was one of these cabaret things on west 44th street. It was called the Golden Lion Pub. He crooks his finger at me and he says, ‘Come over here.’

Alec Baldwin:  

Jerry Seinfeld: He takes me over to the bar. He says, ‘You have it.’ He says, ‘You are going to be so big.’ He says, ‘It makes me sick to even think of it, how successful you’re gonna be.‘ And I was just starting.

Jerry Seinfeld: Because of the precision wordplay. They were – see that’s where they went beyond – there was Laurel and Hardy, and then Martin and Lewis, but Abbott and Costello has this precision. ‘Who’s on First?’ –

Alec Baldwin: Sure.

Jerry Seinfeld: – is a piece of – it’s like that museum in Spain, the –

Alec Baldwin: The Prado?

Jerry Seinfeld: No. The other one, that what’s his name did?

Alec Baldwin: That Gehry did?

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah.

Alec Baldwin: Right.

Jerry Seinfeld: Whose real name is Goldberg, by the way.

Alec Baldwin: Is it really?

Jerry Seinfeld: Yes, it is.

Alec Baldwin: Is it really?

Jerry Seinfeld: He changed it in college.

Alec Baldwin: Frank Gehry’s real name is –

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah. What’s the name of that museum in northern Spain?

Big hat tip to cuz.  Transcript available here.

(cant find a credit on that top photo, I found it here)

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