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John Ehrlichman, from the doc “Our Nixon” (avail on Netflix Instant).  I’d say this doc is “fascinating” but I’m already super interested in Nixon so please, be aware of my bias.

Following his release from prison, Ehrlichman held a number of jobs, first for a quality control firm, then writer, artist and commentator. Ehrlichman wrote several novels, including The Company, which served as the basis for the 1977 television miniseries Washington: Behind Closed Doors. He served as the executive vice-president of an Atlanta hazardous materials firm. In a 1981 interview, Ehrlichman referred to Nixon as “a very pathetic figure in American history.” His experiences in the Nixon administration were published in his 1982 book, Witness To Power. The book portrays Nixon in a very negative light, and is considered to be the culmination of his frustration at not being pardoned by Nixon prior to his own 1974 resignation. Shortly before his death, Ehrlichman teamed with best-selling novelist Tom Clancy to write, produce, and co-host a three-hour Watergate documentary, John Ehrlichman: In the Eye of the Storm.

(Idea occurred to me watching “Our Nixon”: JFK hired people who were extremely confident, raised in/part of  “the establishment.”  Nixon hired people who were extremely insecure, embittered and aggrieved with “the establishment.”  Danger with both.)

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