Complex Magazine Presents: Desus vs. Mero

Q: What is the oldest joke in America?

A: it’s a person of one race imitating a person of another race.

Probably (after initial terror) Columbus guys back on the Pinta cracked each other up by “doing” Arawaks.

No doubt the top Arawak comedians could do killer imitations of Columbus-guys, which helped them forget the pain of smallpox etc.

I think through @chelseaperetti I started reading @thekidmero’s tweets.  For a long time I did not follow him (he has tweeted upwards of 59,000 times) but I would look through his feed sometimes.

The Kid Mero lives in the Bronx. I think the only times I ever went to the Bronx were 1) to eat an Irish toastie at Mary’s Celtic Kitchen with Boyland or 2) to go to Yankee Stadium.

But apparently there are non-white areas of the Bronx.

The Kid Mero has a podcast with another guy from the Bronx called Desus.  The podcast, “Complex Magazine Presents: Desus vs. Mero,” can be found for free on iTunes and “Skitcher” (??).  It is hilarious.  Both dudes are super funny.

One topic that comes up in episode 3 is the enthusiasm of white people for apples, also for cheese.

Here is another topic that comes up:

Anyway: recommended.

(photo of multi-cultural Irish step dancing troupe from the Bronx)

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