The Fault In Our Stars

Man, I’ll give it up to this movie.

They nailed this movie.  Just crushed it.

If there’s a problem with this movie, it’s that the character August “Gus” Whippledorp sucks.  Shailene Woodley blasts the poor dude playing him off the screen.

On the other hand, Shailene Woodley is so good at acting that you buy she loves him, so the problem solves itself.

The name of the guy who directed this movie is Josh Boone.  Jesus Christ, of course it is.  The confidence, the earnestness – “Josh Boone.”  This is the Josh Boone of movies.

At one point in this movie, the main characters are in Amsterdam.  (Won’t apologize for that spoiler).  A shitty thing happens.  So the kind woman decides to cheer up our main characters by suggesting they all go to see the Anne Frank House.

I saw this movie in the UTA screening room at 12:45pm (thanks Halps!).  The audience was mostly UTA assistants I guess, 24 year olds in their suits.  You could hear audible, heaving sobs.  Just weeping and struggling to breath through sobs.  People were losing it worse than at any funeral I’ve ever been to.

(Someone at CAA is gonna read this and think “signs of weakness at UTA… time to pounce?”)


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