This video is insane.

From The Guardian:

Indigenous tribesmen living deep in the Peruvian rainforest have emerged into the outside world to seek help, after suffering a murderous attack by probable drug traffickers.

The contact took place across the border in Brazil and was recorded in a video released on Friday. The tribesmen caught a serious respiratory disease after contact, a major killer of isolated indigenous people, but have since recovered.

There’s a long version and a short version:

I found this video chilling and intense and fascinating.

The reporting in the article however is deeply frustrating.  What language are these people speaking?  When is this from, exactly?  How did this come about?  What’s up with the guy with the dreads?

Anyway, here’s some footage of a much less remote part of the Amazon shot by the blogger:

What I was trying to capture was the spooky creak of the metal boat.

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