Cinco de Mayo


Shoutout to my Dad for reminding me not to miss Cinco De Mayo.  Every year I have to look up what it celebrates – unlikely victory over the French invaders at the Battle of Puebla.


Let’s all have a toast to the hero Zaragoza


Dead of typhoid when he was 33.  The house where he was born is now in Goliad, Texas, how about that?

Bum Philips had a ranch in Goliad.

Manet painted the end of the French (I guess you could say Austro-Bavarian) emperor Maximilian in this painting now at Boston’s MFA:


Maybe you prefer Manet’s Olympia:


or this portrait of his sister in law Berthe:


Or Gypsy with a Cigarette:

gypsy with a cigarette

There’s a pretty interesting photograph of the execution of Maximilian, maybe not for everybody but can be seen here.

Many more tales of Mexican history and heroes can be found in my upcoming book THE WONDER TRAIL (Amazon link).

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