Back soon!


go visit a bookstore, here’s local indie ones

Helytimes in on hiatus once again as we consider the work ahead.

This country’s always asked for work from its citizens, take these guys (by which I mean women and men) for instance:


fix airplanes!


make sandwiches!

Our hiatuses last an average of two days.


Move to Australia? Sounds good, love to visit, but we better help out here.

Meantime, why not support an indie bookstore?  Those bastions of democracy.  Or fine, support Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos.

Damn, featured in the newsletter? Damn.

Damn, featured in the newsletter? Damn.

This book is about

  • being curious about the world
  • the people south of us and how they got that way
  • survivals in the face of the catastrophes in history.


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