Cambridge Analytica

from CA's website

from CA’s website

Remarkably reliable deductions could be drawn from simple online actions. For example, men who “liked” the cosmetics brand MAC were slightly more likely to be gay; one of the best indicators for heterosexuality was “liking” Wu-Tang Clan. Followers of Lady Gaga were most probably extroverts, while those who “liked” philosophy tended to be introverts.

Interested by this article by Hannes Grassegger and Mikael Krogerus in Motherboard about mysterious data company Cambridge Analytica. These don’t seem like especially amazing conclusions to draw.

What about this:

The 70-year-old Trump is not digitally savvy—there isn’t even a computer on his office desk. Trump doesn’t do emails, his personal assistant once revealed. She herself talked him into having a smartphone, from which he now tweets incessantly.

History’s greatest criminal?

Wild to think of this dark force coming out of Cambridge University.

And how does this outfit connect to Oxford Analytica, founded by Kissinger assistant David Young?

Not loving the news I see on the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief lately.

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