The August 21 Eclipse


What to do if you are in the PATH OF TOTALITY?

Found that at this wonderful site.


A good map from Xavier


You’re damn right I donated.  Support Xavier who has done the entire eclipse community as well as the general eclipse-viewing public a great service by performing all the work necessary to bring us this wonderful tool.

3 Comments on “The August 21 Eclipse”

  1. says:

    Are these screenshots from something?

    As the date of the August 21 eclipse draws near, keep this important safety information in mind: You MUST use special eclipse safety glasses to view a partial eclipse and the partial phases of a total eclipse. To do otherwise is risking permanent eye damage and even blindness. The ONLY time it’s safe to look at a TOTAL eclipse without proper eye protection is during the very brief period of totality when the Sun is 100 percent blocked by the Moon. If you’re in a location where the eclipse won’t be total, there is NEVER a time when it’s safe to look with unprotected eyes.

    • helytimes says:

      Yes indeed! I have updated my links, do you mind if I include your comment and a link to your site in an updated post reminding people of this important safety information?

      • says:

        Sure. Here’s a link to a page on eye safety: Feel free to link to any other pages of interest too.

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