Glenn D. Fogel, CEO and the significance or not of headset mics

Got interested recently in Bookings Holdings (BKNG) when I learned the company that owns is the seventh largest internet company in the world (and largest in the category “travel”).

An early step if you are curious about a company is to do a Google image search of the CEO. 

Let’s run this test for Glenn D. Fogel, CEO of Booking Holdings. 

On first two rows of first page: one two three photos where Glenn Fogle is wearing a TED talk style headset mic.

Is this:

  1. the sign of a successful CEO in a booming field in 2018?
  2. possible mark of a true TED talk era huckster?

There may be more options than that, such as “both.”

What about CEO Gillian Tans?

Tans was ranked by the organization Inspiring Fifty on their 50 Most Inspirational Women in Dutch Technology list.


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