Simple desert survival rule

Every summer a hiker or two dies in the California desert.  I pay attention to these stories, and I’ve noticed a common link between them.  Almost every case of someone dying happens when the temperature is over 100 degree Fahrenheit.

At over 100 degrees, some people are just going to drop dead.  It’s like the death zone at high altitude.

Let’s just make 100 degrees a cutoff.

Don’t go for a hike if it’s over 100 degrees.  This seems like a simple rule, but obviously people are not paying attention.  I think it should be on a sign at Amboy Crater, and Death Valley.  Maybe I’ll write the Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt.

A possible danger is that Europeans, who love the desert and are perhaps at greater risk there, reckon their temperature in Celsius instead of the logical system where 100 is too hot.  For them, we should spread the word don’t go on a hike if it’s over 37 degrees.


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