I am in a game

the game is very very easy if you have the right lessons in your mind.

Buffett says that to succeed at the game you need an IQ of about 120, but more than that is a hinderance.

Nothing shocking in Warren Buffett’s interview with Charlie Rose if you are a Buffett student. He drinks a Coke. That this interview exists is perhaps the most interesting thing: Charlie Rose is back? In this form? It’s not shot like Charlie’s PBS show.

Could this room be more generic?


I think about what the company’s gonna be worth in 10-12 years.


most of them [Berkshire investors] give it away when they get through

What does “get through” mean here? Die?

Buffett mentions pitching some doctors at a place called The Hilltop House in Omaha. Sadly it no longer exists, I find this photo of it on the post “I Wish I Could Have Gone To: Hilltop House” on MyOmahaObsession and I share the sentiment.

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