Eleven Tweets

getting pretty into Van Gogh since I bought this book for $19.99 at the Taschen store

Feel like a sucker writing for free from @jack’s website, but I love Twitter, so I am experimenting with putting my Twitter length thoughts over here on Sundays.  

so easy to get people’s credit card numbers. all you have to do is be a store

Nervous I will be blamed for the government shutdown

Saw a girl wearing a bright orange sweater yesterday. She looked great!

Aziz wanted to start a conversation about Modern Romance and my god mission accomplished!

THEORY: bc of energy drinks and coffee chains, people have too much energy, they burn it off fighting about the news

The timeline equivalent of Paul writing about Jesus is somebody writing about a guy who died in 1997

A comedy can get away with not being funny if it’s so unfunny it becomes critically acclaimed. Like shooting the moon in Hearts.

Not sarcastic: I love all memes and can’t get enough of them.

I for one don’t want to be lumped in with other white people

Journalists are so horny about “ledes”

Theory: AI has begun conquest of Earth with help of autistic human allies (Thiel, Dorsey, Musk) who find computer rule more rational

The Red Vineyard, allegedly the only painting VVG sold in his lifetime. I’d argue: one of his worst and tackiest ones!  Source.

Twelve Tweets


Resent the feeling I’m writing for @jack for free on his website, so I’m putting my Twitter-length thoughts here.

Anecdotally feel people are getting MORE into astrology as some demonstration or fuck you and I love it!

Already pissed about my smartass grandkids giving me some revisionist take on how Trump “actually did a lot of good”

I find it very boring to just sit and watch TV.  I don’t think I’m alone and I think this will lead to enormous changes.

Big Bang Theory is a less a comedy than a kind of therapy that helps American moms and dads love their gay sons

Feels impossible to express my main opinion, which is we don’t need everyone’s damn opinion on everything

What if Oprah runs and loses to Donald Trump?

Saying “you make me laugh” can either be loving or mean

My worst most evil opinion is I can’t help kind of liking Steve Bannon because he’s funny

Hard to really wrap your head around how unnecessary the movie The Trip To Spain is.  But here I am watching it.

Always enjoy the importance Drudge places on Bret Easton Ellis’s annual movie picks

Heard a sound outside like NRRNRNRNRNRNRN — it was a truck sucking the piss and shit out of the Port-A-Potties at the construction site!

Fun to try to eat a salad like it’s a bowl of chips