Is the opposite of cool also cool?

Exhibit A:  Stan Rogers (and friends).

1:06-1:09 a particularly rich subject for study.

Fate of course intervenes – from our friends at Wikipedia:

Rogers [age 33] died alongside 22 other passengers most likely of smoke inhalation on June 2, 1983, while travelling on Air Canada Flight 797 after performing at the Kerrville Folk Festival. The airliner was flying from Dallas, Texas to Toronto and Montreal when an in-flight fire forced it to make an emergency landing at the Greater Cincinnati Airport.

Smoke was filling the cabin from an unknown source, and once on the ground, the plane’s doors were opened to allow passengers to escape. Approximately 60 to 90 seconds into the evacuation of the plane, the oxygen rushing in from outside caused a flash fire.[1] Rogers was one of the passengers still on the plane at the time of the fire.

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