St. Patty’s Roundup, #1

A good pick-up tactic, from the Tain, as translated by Thomas Kinsella:

Nes the daughter of Eochaid Salbuide of the yellow heel was sitting outside Emain with her royal women about her.  The druid Cathbad from the Tratraige of Mag Inis passed by, and the girl said to him:

“What is the present hour lucky for?”

“For begetting a king on a queen,” he said.

The queen asked him if that were really true, and the druid swore by god that it was: a son conceived at that hour would be heard of in Ireland for ever.  The girl saw no other male near, and she took him inside with her.

She grew heavy with a child.  It was in her womb for three years and three months.

That kid, as you no doubt know, Reader, was Conchobor, who gets obsessed with Deirdre later on.  Bad idea, Con, she ain’t called “Deirdre of the sorrows” for nothing.

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