Steve Wozniak

Seen here with Joey Slotnick, he built the first computer where the letters you typed on a keyboard appeared on a screen. So far he is my favorite character in the Steve Jobs biography.  From Wikipedia:

His favorite video game is Tetris. In the 1990s he submitted so many high scores for the game to Nintendo Power that they would no longer print his scores, so he started sending them in under the alphabetically reversed “Evets Kainzow”

Wozniak is no longer dating Kathy Griffin.

One Comment on “Steve Wozniak”

  1. Vali says:

    In July, Gizmodo published this astounding photo and list of everything Steve Wozniak takes in his carry on backpack when he travels:

    My favorite item is his prism glasses for watching movies in bed. HE CAN’T TRAVEL WITHOUT THOSE.

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