“Whoa whoa whoa- I diddn’ know the guy!” “You one-a his guys?” “Don’t be crazy, lady! Jesus who?”

LACMA has a good exhibit now called “CARAVAGGIO!” [subtitle: “A Couple Caravaggios And Some Guys Who Copied Caravaggio’s Tricks.”]

I like this one, The Denial of St. Peter, done by “Pensionante del Saraceni” ~1610.

LACMA tells me:

The Pensionante del Saraceni – literally “Saraceni’s boarder” – is the name given to a mysterious artist, somethimes considered to be French, who worked in Rome in the circle of Carlo Saraceni.”

This painting is from the Musee de la Chartruse in Douai, France.  Let’s go there!

That’s Douai, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot painted it for us.  OR DID HE?:

René Huyghe famously quipped that “Corot painted three thousand canvases, ten thousand of which have been sold in America”.

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