The Vine For America


Needham, Massachusetts, where I spent my kidhood, had a fantastic Fourth of July parade.  Here’s some video of the local car dealer, who paints himself red and rides around pretending to be an Indian:

Part of the parade was a kids’ parade.  The prizes for the best float in the kids’ parade were fantastic.  One year my sister and I made a birthday cake for America and won a pool table.

Some weeks ago I had a vision: a Vine that was a synchronized dance move, set to a track that looped properly, so the annoyingly looping sound of Vine wouldn’t be a problem.  I realized this Vine should be America-themed.

Vine burned itself out and Instagram Video appeared, but by then it was in motion.

Dan Medina wrote and recorded a six second dance track.

I recruited some awesome people I know:

Originally there were going to be tableaux representing our neighbors, Canada and Mexico.  Due to timing Mexico got cut, but God bless ’em.

Little Esther choreographed:

The people assembled here are all up to various cool and interesting projects.

Here’s the result:


James Eagan is working on a documentary about The Vine For America.  I’ve seen a rough cut – it’s quite something.

[Update: here is the doc:]

Compare Medina there to C. W. Peale:

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