What do kids want?


And MY Christmas shopping is done.

My little niece Deirdre already has a pretty rad aesthetic going.  Very much into this scene:


Seamus on the other hand has been having some trouble at school.  Luckily I found a book that should help.

IMG_7875This year we want to make Giuseppe really feel like part of the family.  I know he’s sometimes a high-strung kid so I got him:


Caddie and I always have fun doing a little project together over the holidays, so I got her:

IMG_7872Caddie’s crazy about the Cape Horners and Down-Easters.  Think she’ll also be into the new knits:


Ian’s my most intense nephew – the kid is like a mini-Kierkegaard.  I think he’ll be into:

IMG_7874On the other hand, I know Amy’s been kinda stressing a little lately so I picked her up:


IMG_7888Not as easy as it sounds, unfortunately.

Tim is quite mature for his age, but you don’t want to weird a kid out.  He’s been asking me a lot about Zola lately so I grabbed him:


I don’t think he’s read Nana yet, let alone got into the debates about which is the real original, but who knows.

Phil loves ancient Rome so I picked up:


Hope I am not jumping him ahead in the Testament of Man series.  I KNOW he’s finished Children of Dune but not Heretics Of Dune so duh I got him:


Ezra kind of freaks me out, actually.  He’s kind of a junior Machiavelli or something.  But, whatever, I guess you can just help him along, so I got him:

IMG_7882I just hope he directs his ambition in a healthy way.

As for Fred?  Kid needs a positive male role model in his life.


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