Carla in Texas writes:

Dear Helytimes, I found your blog because I have a news alert set for my hometown of Balmorhea, Texas (go Bears!).  I am a retired educator with the BISD now living the sweet life AKA retirement.  Had to write after I LOL’d about your description of Ron’s lizard & reptile show, Ron is a very sweet man an admired eccentric we all love him in our community .

Bone to PICK with you: you are way off on Vertigo.  I first saw it when I was ten and it scared the DAYLIGHTS out of me.  AS for sexy WRONG AGAIN that movie gets me horny as hell.  [TMI, Carla?]  Not Kim Novak — JAMES STEWART.  Are you kidding?  He we a bomber pilot who flew over 200 missions. [20 says wikipedia].

You are right though about Midge.

Keep writin’,


Thanks Carla, and thank you for reading.

Please address all letters for the HelyTimes mailbag to helphely at gmail dot com.

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