Kennedy Exaggeration

From The New Yorker blog:

In 1962, the Trillings were invited to the White House for a dinner honoring that year’s Nobel laureates. Jacqueline Kennedy, Trilling wrote, was “a hundred times more beautiful than any photograph had ever indicated”

Start reading about the Kennedys and you’ll never stop.

… the greatest thrill I had in my life was when the President’s wife, Mrs. Kennedy, addressed a corwd of about 600 people at this Michelangelo School when he was running for the senatorship against Lodge, and the gracious lady stood up before the big crowd and the Italian people, the elderly people, were there, didn’t know who she was, and when she opened her mouth and introduced herself in Italian, fluent Italian may I say, as the wife of Senator Kennedy, all pandemonium broke loose in the hall.  All the people went over and started to kiss her, and the old women spoke to her as if she was a native of the North End.

So says William DeMarco, JFK’s first campaign manager, in this oral history you can read at the Kennedy Library.  DeMarco says this happened during the campaign against Lodge, 1952.  Is his memory off?  The Kennedys didn’t get married until Sept. ’53.

Things like this come up all the time if you get deep in Kennedyana.  How could it not?  The basic facts of his life are absurd. While he was president he essentially raped a nineteen year old.  He could’ve easily died of various ailments before World War II, during which he ended up stranded on a straight-out-of-cartoon desert island:

Massive insurance but if you haven’t seen Errol Morris’ eight minute documentary The Umbrella Man do yourself a favor.

(Cartoon swiped from here)

One Comment on “Kennedy Exaggeration”

  1. Kaz says:

    Gore Vidal, distantly related to Jackie, recalled she always wanted to make it to the top of the political and social sphere – i.e., to simply be a president’s wife. He remembered her as not especially bright, but determined. When I read about Jackie’s adoration of JFK I’m not convinced.

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