Martha from Port Washington writes,

Dear Helytimes, 

I know you were on a long trip recently.  (What can I say?  “The private is public now, isn’t it wonderful?” – Andy Warhol.) Just clue in an innocent reader: was the most interesting place you went?


Well Martha, first of all thank you for reading.  No apology necessary, I know how it is.

Truth is, it”d take me a long time to think that through.

Here’s one that comes to mind that I can easily illustrate with photographs: the Amazon.

On the way back up (or down?) river to Iquitos, Peru, my guide took me to this weird kind of zoo.  It was just a cabin where two unenergetic guys were sitting around.  They had some weak, old seeming animals around.

They had some good birds.




They asked me if I wanted to hold the sloth, but he seemed to have enough problems.


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