Amazing murals

My dad, who deserves to be on the cover of Fantastic Man magazine, sends me a link to this Boston Globe story about WPA projects of the ’30s that live on, like this Ross Moffett mural in a Somerville, MA post office:


My dad’s fav is Coit Tower, in San Francisco, done by a ton of folks:

This map, from The Living New Deal, is awesome.

Me, I’m a murals guy, so that’s what I’m looking at. Orange Pickers, in the Fullerton CA post office by Paul Julian, is the sexiest one I can find:

The Oceanside post office has a good one by the wonderfully named Elise Seeds, here’s a detail:

Man, the coastal post offices of SoCal are truly blessed.  In San Pedro, Fletcher Martin depicted “Mail Transportation”:

Down at Dana Middle School in San Pedro is “The Life And Travels Of Richard Henry Dana” by Adrien Machefort:

Let’s leave California for a moment and observe The Two Rivers in the Rome, GA post office by Peter Blume:

Alaskan Landscape in the (old) federal courthouse in Anchorage, AK by Arthur Kerrick:

Point Loma, at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA by Charles Reiffel:

How about the Lost Continents of Atlantis and Mu, at the Aquatic Park bathhouse in San Francisco, by Hilaire Hiler?:

Or Origin And Development of the Name Of California, by Lucile Lloyd?:

Here is the freakin’ motherlode, really: SDSU has a Flickr of the murals in California.

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