Think Piece About Mad Men

more mad men

Mad Men is great.

The writing is great.

The directing is great.

The actors are good.

The set decorating is great.  Really colorful.

Mad Men 1

The main guy is cool and I like the stuff he does.

The other guys are funny.

The girls are hot and wear cool clothes.

mad men brits

There’s good stories, with surprises.

Sometimes I don’t know what’s happening but usually I figure it out or I just kinda go along.

So, I think, Mad Men is great.

One Comment on “Think Piece About Mad Men”

  1. […] When it comes to Mad Men, I relate to both fans and haters: I quit watching after three episodes because I found it too depressing, but I’m still intrigued enough by the show to indulge in reading the occasional think-piece about it (like this, this, or bwahahaha this). […]

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