Hoax job at Folkways?



Reader Vali C. writes:

In The Mayor of MacDougal Street:


Dave Van Ronk claims that this recording

was completely faked.  Instead of recording sounds of the south american rainforest, two of his friends made bird noises in the shower and sold it to folkways.  Even after Folkways realized it was a fake, they decided to keep it in the catalog.
Huh.  From the website:
Green sounds of the tropical rain forest: black howler monkeys, toucans and chachalaca dominate the dry season while tree toads, Bufo marinus(South American toads) and parakeets accompany the rainy season. Recorded in the Peruvian Amazon region called Montaña and possibly under the showerhead of a Manhattan apartment.
I’d definitely put track 110 on my “suspicious” list.

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