Hydrogen bomb photos

ivy mike 1

ca. 1951 - 1962, Nevada, USA --- Mushroom Cloud From Nuclear Test --- Image by © CORBIS

ca. 1951 – 1962, Nevada, USA — Mushroom Cloud From Nuclear Test — Image by © CORBIS


ivy king

Between the show’s first and second seasons, the writers waited in the lobby of Andreessen’s office, where photographs of hydrogen-bomb blasts hang on the walls. (“They’re a good way to make sure people are awake,” Andreessen’s spokesperson told me.) Then the writers were ushered into a conference room, where, for more than an hour, they sat around a blond-wood conference table while Andreessen pitched them jokes. “They weren’t terrible, either,” one of the writers told me. “I have eight dense pages of notes from that meeting. I have never heard a man speak as fast as Marc Andreessen.” None of his jokes appeared on the show in their original form, but a concept he explained—the downside of accepting too much free money from investors—became a scene in season two. In the TV version, the venture capitalist is a young woman, and the conversation begins with her interrupting Richard while he’s in the bathroom.

(from this New Yorker thing by Andrew Marantz about Silicon Valley.)


operation crossroads

bikini test

Tough to find original sources for some of these photos, click through for the ends of my trails.  More.

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