Is this a survey or the chant of a cult?


At Fenway Park for Jason Varitek bobblehead day, I stopped to fill out a two page survey.  Here’s the bottom of page 2:

FullSizeRender (47)

The whole survey had a bit of a hypnotism vibe:

FullSizeRender (51)

If you’re an official card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation ($14 a year) you can watch batting practice from on top of the Green Monster:


Fenway is just so wonderful.  From the wall of former Red Sox logos, one of the more unsuccessful efforts:


Orioles outfield coach Wayne Kirby kept giving emphatic instructions that, as far as I could tell, were heard by nobody:

The Red Sox encourage you to follow “the time-honored tradition of keeping score.”  A very Zen activity, recommended.  I developed my method during my Roxbury Latin playing career, when I was judged more valuable for my tactical/strategic and historical mind than for my hitting/fielding abilities.

FullSizeRender (55)

Doesn’t that just tell the whole story.  A tough night for Boston but any night at Fenway is a good time.

IMG_5859 (1)

I feel grateful to the Boston Red Sox. 

I feel thankful for the Boston Red Sox.  

I feel a sense of gratitude towards the Boston Red Sox.  

IMG_5914 (1)

(contact me if you wish to purchase a Varitek bobblehead, $6000 obo)

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