David McCullough on Trump

coming in JUST under the Helytimes three minute video limit*.  Here’s a piece if you hate watching videos:

So much that Donald Trump spouts is so vulgar and so far from the truth and mean-spirited. It is on that question of character especially that he does not measure up. He is unwise. He is plainly unprepared, unqualified and, it often seems, unhinged. How can we possibly put our future in the hands of such a man?

More info here.  As the Times notes:

The videos are mostly homemade, smartphone productions.

Maybe I’m an optimist, but a better shot version of this with McCullough could be very effective, I think.  Certainly more than current 3,383 views.  Embedded in the Times article but that’s no way to get videos out there!

*often violated

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