Rob Delaney / Christopher Logue

(The topic here is depression and suicide, if you’re in no mood, but I found these brief stories valuable.)  


Rob Delaney is such a joyful presence.  I’ve thought many times about something he says in this Tumblr post about depression

What a good preserver to hang on to.

If no one else wants to do this to me, why would I do it to me?

Not sure it can help you if you’re at wit’s end but seemed to me a thought worth filing away for an emergency.

I’m really glad Rob Delaney’s alive!


Saw this story linked on someone’s Twitter.  It comes from

That was the year that was

Tariq Ali talks to David Edgar

on the LRB.  I don’t know who those people are really but I know Christopher Logue is some kind of master.

Don’t be silly.  Come on – we’ll sit down and rid of this nonsense that’s in your head.

How cool and compassionate.

Glad they’re all alive.  (Well, were alive, in Logue’s case.)

And I’m glad you’re alive too, Reader!

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