The Helytimes California Voter Guide

Really impressed with the LA Podcast well-argued voter guide.  The LA Times has a thorough one.  Read a few others, and here I present my picks for anyone who wants to vote a straight Helytimes ticket.

GOV: Gavin Newsom

not psyched about it.  California should have a cool Governor.  

LT. GOV: Ed Hernandez

SoS: Alex Padilla



Not even sure why but I love Fiona Ma.

AG: Xavier Becerra

INS COMMISH: Ricardo Lara

State Board of Equalization 3rd: Tony Vazquez 

Going on @ONLX rec here, they both sound bad.  I admire the case for abstaining.  

SENATE: Dianne Feinstein

There’s a fine case for Kevin De Leon, Feinstein voted for the Iraq War and stuff.  But KDL took $5,000 from Cadiz Water Corp, which is trying to steal water from the Mojave National Preserve and sell it to Orange County.  Then he helped kill AB 1000, which would’ve stopped this.  To me, that’s just such a petty and direct corruption on an issue I care about.  I’m sure he thought he could get away with it. 

I guess I’m a one issue voter, which is letting bighorn sheep drink from Bonanza Spring

Dianne Feinstein has her things but to my mind she’s also fairly heroic.  I’d prefer a Senator not be a million years old, but then again the very word comes from the Latin meaning “old man.”  

US House of Representatives: Adam Schiff

For your state reps I’d ask LA Podcast, I voted for my local Dems:

BEN ALLEN for Sen,

RICHARD BLOOM was my only option for Assembly.


Went with LA Podcast for Appeals Judges.

NO on Corrigan, yes on all the others for Appeals

For Judges I went:

SAUCEDA  (LA Times says Coletta, they both sound good to me)

HUNTER (LA Times says Michel)



Superintendant of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

Both Times and LA Podcast went Thurmond.  

County Assessor: Prang

Sheriff: McDonnell

crazy contest with no good answer imo.  LA Times and LA Podcast split.  

State Propositions

Prop 1 – Bonds for Housing Assistance: YES

Prop 2 – Mental Illness Housing: YES

Prop 3 – Water Bonds: YES

this one’s a push, went with LA Podcast over LA Times

Prop 4 – Hospital Bonds: YES

Prop 5 – Property Tax Transfer: NO

Prop 6 – Gas and Vehicle Tax: NO

Prop 7 – Daylight Savings Time: YES

Prop 8 – Caps on Dialysis: NO

LA Podcast says don’t vote

Prop 10 – End Rent Control Restrictions: YES

Prop 11 – Ambulance Workers: NO

Prop 12 – Cage Free Animals: YES

LA County

Measure W (flood control): YES

LA  City

Measure B (municipal bank): YES

sounds like a stupid measure but whatever

Measures E and EE: YES and YES



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