Bungaree, by Augustus Earle

Although in 1801-2 Bungaree had accompanied Flinders on his circumnavigation of Australia, he was best known in Sydney in the 1820s for his extravagant mimicry of successive colonial governors.  Earle dpecits Bungaree in a parodic gesture of welcome, wearing his characteristic dress (cast off uniform)…

from The Oxford History of Art series volume on Australian Art by Andrew Sayers.

I got a used one from a library.

What’s going on up there at Cogswell College?

Cogswell specializes in digital animation and video game design. Its computer graphics degree program is the longest-running in the Bay Area. It includes Project X, an invitation-only animated film production course that approximates the experience of interning in the industry.

Are you kidding me?!  Those  people most need to know about Bungaree!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody.

Group of girl workers at the gate of the American Tobacco Co. Young girls obviously under 14 years of age, who work about 10 hours every day except Saturday, May 1910 source



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