Las Vegas, USA

Made a brief visit recently.  Whenever I’m in Las Vegas, I have a weird urge to become a degenerate gambler who hangs around the sports book.  Writing things in the racing form with a little pencil, leaning back in one of those chairs at the little desks, crumped up napkins around.  What is the attraction there?  Maybe it’s all the screens covered with numbers and information.  There’s got to be a pattern if I could just figure it out!  Dissolving the self in the hunt for a tiny edge.

baishampayan ghose took this one for the Wikipedia page on “Sports Book”

There are a lot of famous restaurants in Las Vegas these days.  One I’ve returned to is:

Inside New York, New York casino.  They’re not kidding around here, it is straight-up America food:

There are something like twenty beers on tap.  You can admire a sculpture that models the United States:

Half the fun of flying to Las Vegas is having a look at the Mojave:

truly Mars level wastes.  and I say that as a Mojave superfan!

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