Dirty trick by Carousel Books

Because anybody can publish and sell texts that are in the public domain, lots of crap publishers flood Amazon with cheaply printed paperbacks of the classics.  These editions are flimsy, often with odd shapes and ugly typefaces.  If you’re serious about reading a book, it’s worth it, in my opinion, to pay up for the Penguin edition.  (This is especially true of translations, I learned this the hard way when I bought the Dover Thrift version of Chekhov’s The Seagull in college, which seemed like it had been translated by an ape).

The snakes over at Carousel Books, knowing this, deliberately made their cover look like a Penguin classic!  Very sneaky, Carousel.  Look close at the cover, you can see the degraded quality of the image, the shape is all off.  It sucks!

Maybe it’s my fault for imagining Penguin, publishers of Morrissey, would include a clown like Chesterton in their ranks.


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