Not a type you see too much anymore>

from James L. Haley’s Passionate Nation: The Epic History of Texas.

Off-gassing from my lead acid batteries has gotten real bad. Losing the war on corrosion.

Ad in the LRB.

Drawing impression from the Pro Bull Riding finals back in November.

Wild book cover. Easy to fall into the delusion that the present is the craziest period in American history. Far from it.

Just an LA scene I liked.

from Mark Twain’s Roughing It.

Are these songs in conversation? Internet offers no answer. I keep seeing Caroline Polachek’s name (ex. Jia Tolentino’s Instagram, on the marquee in Lawrence, KS, on concert festival posters).

from Gemma Sieff’s review of Literary Alchemist: The Writing Life of Evan S. Connell, by Steve Paul, in Harper’s.

Stewart Brand talking to Tyler Cowen.

To me the best style is no style.

Got a lot from Chuck Klosterman on Longform podcast.

Desert scene in winter.

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