This morning, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong announced his firm will lay off roughly 18% of staff in a less-than ceremonious manner – via automatic removal of access to the office email server

wow. Cold. Almost Daily Grant’s continues:

On the bright side, the founder will be able to mull those fast-changing circumstances in style. From the Jan. 3 edition of The Wall Street Journal:

Coinbase Chief Executive Officer Brian Armstrong is the buyer of a $133 million Los Angeles estate, according to people familiar with the deal. The transaction, which closed in December, is one of the priciest single-family home sales ever completed in the L.A. area.

Is it a bad sign that some of the best daily / column comedy writing is coming from the financial world? Matt Levine’s Money Stuff is unstoppable, Joe Weisenthal, Terminal Value

One Comment on “Harsh”

  1. Dan Greaney says:

    Ponzi schemes have never been great places to work.

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