Mysterious Notes

I’ve come into possession of someone’s mysterious notes on a printed out copy of Alan Weisman’s book The World Without Us.  Reason to suspect the note-taker is a Helytimes reader.

If they belong to you, claim them, otherwise I intend to auction them to the highest bidder.   God only knows what these insights could be worth.


A sharp-eyed puzzler sends me the solution to the Acrostic in yesterday’s New York Times magazine:


Vy cool.  Get yourself to the source in:


Available on Amazon or at your local indie or wherever fine books are sold.


Now that my readership has doubled 10,000, I would like to ask for everyone’s help.  Summer before last, in the legendary harsh Twelve Bens wilderness of western Ireland I met these people, and took this lovely picture.  I would like the Internet’s help in sending the picture to the photographed heroes.  Their names are Rob and Lou, and they live in Belfast.  Lou at one time worked in the schools of Kankakee, Illinois.  Those are all the clues I can provide.